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When I first started seeing Kirti for sessions I walked into her salon in a lot of pain and immediately she took one look at me and diagnosed what was wrong with me. She has helped me enormously with my bad back and realigning my whole body. Not only is Kirti a lovely lady but she has healing hands and she takes the time to treat your ailment properly and goes well beyond her timings in helping to heal your body and she really cares. I feel very lucky to have met Kirti and can’t praise her skills enough.

Helen W

I visited Eizun for a facial treatment as my skin was physically drained, tired, dehydrated and old. During my facial treatment, I was totally relaxed enjoying the calming atmosphere and gentle soothing background music. Afterwards I felt so reinvigorated, my skin felt very soft, revitalised, young, free of impurities and remained that way for some time after. I would recommend everyone visit Eizun, as the transformation in my skin and well-being was amazing.

Karen Lee

Eizun is Excellent ! Thanks for the lovely eizun facial. It relax my tired face and refresh it. I am sure I will be back again

Flor N…

‘I have been visiting Eizun for three years now. I really enjoy the high standard of service and the therapeutic treatments. I can particularly recommend the reflexology and the facials. I indulged in both many times during my last pregnancy as they were so effective and relaxing and the facials always leave my skin cleansed and glowing. I suggest booking yourself in asap!’

Claire T

I first discovered Kirti back in 2011 after I had cycled from London to Brussels and boy what a state my back was in. As I was hobbling past Ezuin I called in on the off chance to see if anyone could help me in my severe hour of need. It was then I met Kirti, who I can only describe as a bubbly, upbeat, friendly, sincere lady who has worked nothing less than a miracle on my back. Kirti took a look at my back and told me it was not aligned. After a one hour intensive sports massage I couldn’t believe the difference it made. My back has always been a weak spot but by checking in now regularly with Kirti it has improved immensely. Over time I have seen several osteopaths, physios and chiropractors but found it frustrating as I didn’t see any real improvements. I now check in with Kirti as regularly as I can and reap the benefits of very little back pain. I now am so happy that I have Kirti to call upon and would highly recommend her to anyone, not only with back pain but also to experience her shop Eziun. Eziun it’s a peaceful environment where you can escape from it all and indulge in the many fabulous treatments it has to offer. Thanks Kirti you’re the best!

Jenny S

Dear Kirti, thank you for your wonderful cream. It goes right into the skin and softens beautifully. I love the smell too. What I am looking for in a cream is natural ingredients so, I will be using yours from now on. It is a good all over cream I use it face to feet. Thank you,

Erika Eigen

“Kirti treated me throughout my pregnancy. She started by using massage to ease the symptoms of morning sickness which really worked. She was incredibly sensitive to the particular areas which needed work at each stage of the pregnancy. Her use of massage and reflexology helped ensure that I experienced very few of the uncomfortable symptoms of pregnancy such as back ache, swollen feet and posture problems. The treatments were also especially effective in helping me through any periods of anxiety. Towards the end of the pregnancy, Kirti did some sessions with my husband and I together during which she taught him massage techniques which helped me with any discomfort at home and also during the labour. I cannot recommend her highly enough for pregnancy and I certainly would not go through another one without her!”

Laura G.

Kirti has a wonderful range of skills and techniques which she brings together and tailors to meet individuals’ specific needs and concerns. Her special talent is the persona with which she is able to draw on a rare and timeless ancestral quality which transcends the everyday. She has a natural enthusiasm and dedication to her clients in whom she generates trust and admiration. A truly gifted practitioner and very special person indeed!

Helen S.

“Kirti’s head massages are incredible. She unlocked tension I didn’t even know I had and her expert hands felt like they were releasing my whole scalp, temples, face, jaw, neck and even my ears! It really had a knock on effect throughout my body, as well as refreshing and soothing my tension headaches,melting them away with her finger tips. Would recommend, especially for anyone who carries a lot of stress in their brain!”

Ruth B (27, self employed)

“When Kirty lays her hands on you, you quickly realise that you are in the hands of an expert. With clever, varied techniques – and not a little charm – she knocked my pained and crooked back into shape in just four weeks. I recommend her without reservation.”

David Pitchford

Kirti – Eizun: The perfect balance! I suffer from back aches throughout the spine which are usually the result of hard training with very little rest to body. In addition, my international intense life style keeps the body, and mind, in an alert mode with not much time to regenerate. Being treated by almost any possible method (acupuncture, physio, Chiropractics, Reiki, Tuina, Osteopathy, GPs and specialists in Israel, Canada, Slovakia and Germany) I never managed to bring myself to balance. There’s always been a pain/spasm/swelling somewhere in the body. Kirti, with her holistic power hands and her gentle touch managed to balance my body, and consequently, my inner wellbeing. Without much of explanation, with no tutoring and with no “who ha!”, Kirti brought me to peace. No matter how intense my life is, no matter how toxic my body is, no matter what gym injury I picked up during the week, I know that my treatments with Kirti will bring me back to my balance. Roy Eden, age 35, a business man entrepreneur with international businesses, a body-builder and a fitness model with intense life style for the past 19 years. The best hands is the quiet hand…. Kirti’s Eizun

Roy Eden

“Amazing!!!! I have whiplash and been 3 places, i was looked after so well that I’ve bought a package of 5 massages that you can mix and match!!! Going again next week 🙂 Carolyn”

Carolyn Keen

Massage / Healing / Reflexology at Eizun

Massage / Healing at Eizun

Facials at Eizun

Facials at Eizun

Spineworks Re-alignment at Eizun

Spineworks Re-alignment at Eizun

Spineworks Re-alignment at Eizun

Spineworks Re-alignment at Eizun

Back Massage

Eizun Massage

Re-alignment & Wellbeing

Re-alignment – Wellbeing

“Having been treated to a 30 minute massage by my partner, I was very impressed with Kirti’s ability to accomodate me. Within the first 5 mins I felt very relaxed, healed and supported. Her healing abilities are amazing, and her intuition incredible. A lovely lady who I would recommend.” “Kirti always makes me feel 100% better”

June Wallace

“Thanks, I really enjoyed my Reiki, I feel so relaxed and focused for the day”


“I had an absolutely amazing experience and I would recommend anyone to feel what I felt. Thank you so much, this is definitely unforgettable”

Terra Mungai

“This is amazing! Thank you so much Kirti, I was just meant to walk past this lovely place”


“Kirti is an exceptionally special person with true healing powers. I have recommend three friends and they have all become regular clients. She has integrity, humour and helps me profoundly.”

Ann Dickinson

“Fantastic treatment by a great therapist who made me feel very welcomed and relaxed.”

Hom Saihkay

“Double thumbs up – the massage left me so relaxed. I’m so pleased, thank you.”

Nicki Chichi

“this massage was the best I have ever had lovely lady and atmosphere fantastic.”

Jackie Aljoe

Adiel's Testimonial

Adiel’s Testimonial

Back Massage

Eizun Back Massage

Back Massage

Eizun Massage

Back Massage

Eizun Massage

Massage & Facials

Massage & Facials


Back Massage

“Within a couple weeks of seeing Kirti, I noticed that my coffee consumption was starting to decrease somewhat without consciously making a decision to do so.  About a week later, I stopped drinking coffee entirely with no side effects or withdrawal symptoms.   Having drunk 2-3 coffees 5 times a week for over 7 years, I am thrilled with the ease with which I’ve stopped drinking coffee with none of the side effects I’ve had in the past.  Thanks Kirti, I really feel my body is healing itself”

Daniela Spagnoli

“Thank you for your help, I feel much more relaxed and I will definitely be coming back for further treatments”


“It was heaven and relaxing and healing all at the same time. Thank you!”


“Reflexology was great and relaxing. Booked in for a full back as a result, very calming”


“Amazing! Wonderful lady who owns the business, fantastic vibe there! I think she has found a customer for life!”

Amber Johnson

“It was excellent. Well worth it and great value for money! Felt so relaxed afterwards. Highly recommended.”

Allison Rose Grady

“Kirti is an absolutely exceptional therapists, she has so much knowledge and is very good at assessing how the body needs healing.”

Nabila Milikan

“Great massage from Kirty and great customer service from Vicky and her team. Great experience.”

Mayur Naik Naik

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