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Reflexology – Gift




This is a fascinating treatment, working just on the feet, as all organs and systems of the body have reflex zones in the feet and hands.

Tension and blocks in the body can be relieved using reflexology, promoting well-being and calmness throughout the body.

Having a full reflexology session has often been likened by clients to having an MOT on the body.

Whilst working on the feet, clients can often feel discomfort in the areas that have a blockage or  ‘crystal ‘ like formations.  These areas are then thoroughly worked out to bring harmony within the body.

At Eizun Wellbeing we focus on ensuring that blockages are explored and balance restored within the body.

Our aim with reflexology is to ensure that harmony is restored, ensuring the optimum wellbeing for the client.

For this reason we recommend a series of treatments are taken.

We encourage reflexology as part of your regular health maintenance.  Many of our clients are now recognising how reflexology can become an invaluable aid for prevention of many disorders of the body that build up through stress and hectic lifestyles.

Reflexology has helped many of our clients with their fertility issues, pregnancy and post pregnancy and recovery.


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