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Facial Therapy Exclusive Deep Work – Gift




An absolutely amazing experience, this treatment is one of it’s kind when it comes to facials London.
The face is cleansed with our Super Hydration Mixture, which reveals the areas of the facial skin that need to be revived. As we all know our skin suffers due to environmental damage and signs of ageing start to appear fast if the correct care is not given to the facial skin.
We understand that beauty begins from within, what you put inside your body is what shows on the outside. We take great care to provide you with the correct treatment that will nurture your skin from the inside out.
We believe HYDRATION is the key to a perfect facial experience, we invite you to step inside and enjoy the journey as your skin starts to glow and feel nourished from the inside out, using our unique blend of botanical ingredients and our expertly executed massage technique for the face.

Our facials are tailored for both men and women and are part of our ‘ Feel Good, Look Fabulous ‘ regime and treatment programme. After one of our facials you will be leaving looking younger and feeling a ‘million dollars’.


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