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MEN’S TREATMENTS : The Ultimate Urban Male Retreat



Our men’s treatments are tailored specifically towards providing the appropriate application of the correct products and techniques that work best for men’s skin and structure which differ distinctively from that of women.

We have formulated specific movements in our application of massage techniques for the facial treatments and back cleanse procedure, ensuring the most effective treatments are applied.



An absolute MUST of a treatment to enhance upon the natural structure of the face and neck, with specific massage techniques to tone and re-energise the facial muscles.

For skin that is very clogged and needs further exfoliation, we recommend the longer treatment time of 90 minutes.

We use the Eizun Eco Skin Cleanse treatment, to detox the upper layer of the skin and apply a deeply nourishing mask to penetrate through the first layer of the skin, hydrating the internal muscles.

Together with a head massage, this makes a superb treatment for a perfect Men’s Facial.



  ( 60 Minutes ) or ( 90 Minutes, includes head massage and facial )

Proper de-stress and relaxation, this is a thorough back cleanse and detox treatment, starting with skin brushing of the entire back, neck and shoulders.  Our special Eizun Eco Skin Cleanse is then applied, with the use of steam the back is then scrubbed and ready for the application of our unique Eizun Eco Aromatherapy oil.  Finishing off with a gentle and thorough massage of the back, neck and shoulders, using lymph drainage techniques to finish with.

This essential treatment is BACK maintenance at it’s FINEST !

A   M U S T  have treatment for all men !

Makes an ideal gift for Birthdays, Father’s Day, Anniversaries or simply just a SUPER treat for that special person.

Mens Treatments

Heavenly Back & Face

Maintenance Facial

Maintenance Facial

Heavenly Back & Face



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