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The Eizun Super Detox Box, is a perfect compliment to anyone’s detox regime. Quite simply it’s ‘ detox in a box ‘ made easy, we all want to ‘feel great and look fabulous’, it forms part of our BEAUTY FROM WITHIN philosophy. Try it for yourself now and feel the difference ! If you really want to give yourself a BOOST we suggest to incorporate the ‘ Super Detox Box ‘ with our four week detox treatment programme, where we give you 4 amazing detox body massage treatments. ( click here to buy the package ). The products in our detox box have been selected because they nutritionally support your body whilst allowing it to cleanse and detox safely. Allowing you to naturally feel at your optimum best and easily incorporate it into your daily lifestyle, making your full body detox sustainability enjoyable ! We believe SIMPLE is BEST it’s about feeling healthy so we don’t tell you to go on a dramatic change with your everyday foods, but just advise to eat sensibly and cut out some of the obvious unhealthy additions (i.e. crisps, chocolates, white bread etc, so instead we suggest replace those items with some healthier options), alongside this a little bit of gentle exercise would be super beneficial for optimum results, however even without the added extras the detox box will give you a kick start to ‘ feeling healthy and looking great ‘.

Understanding Detox

What is detox, ‘ a process or period of time in which one abstains from or rids the body of toxic unhealthy substances ; detoxification ‘. (dictionary quote ). In many of the eastern philosophies it is understood that detox is necessary to give the body a resting period, to innately heal and reenergise to optimum levels. We want you to ‘detox with mindfulness’, so we have put this plan together to make it simple for you to easily fit into your daily activity and start understanding how your body feels with the support of these amazing superfoods. Ideally we all should detox at least once a year, to rid the body of toxin accumulation, if possible it is wonderful to allow your body to detox at the change of every season, in order for the body to renew and bring in the changes of the season. By doing this you are allowing the wellbeing of your natural rhythm to flow in harmony with nature.

The Power of Detox

Brings happy BODIES…happy MINDS….happy SOULS… by unblocking and allowing the body’s systems to be free and perform to optimum level…..therefore the body is not blocked and allows for clearer thinking……freeing the mind to make correct decisions not living with unhealthy limitations….. The history of detox dates back to generations in most of the cultures around the world. In ayurveda which dates back to 5000 years, there has always existed detox, in fact it is the basis of ayurveda to detox, cleanse, balance and harmonise the body.


I was reluctant to try the Detox Box and then Kirti showed me the importance of it and I gave it a go making sure to take it consistently on a daily basis. After just 2 weeks of use I felt amazing, within  a few days you can feel and see your body respond to the elimination. I would highly recommend the Detox Box to anyone, it truly is powerful ! ”

Adiel Khan, London

“I started the detox under 3 weeks ago and have followed Kirti’s instructions to the letter as I wanted a general cleanse. A friend complimented me on my face powder but had to correct her that I wore no makeup which surprised her. She thought my skin looked great. Feeling bit lighter also, I ran for bus and surprisingly I wasn’t out of breath as I would normally be. A huge thank to Kirti for all her hard work and knowledge, she is consistently excellent in all the treatments I have experienced in her salon”

Edna Johnson

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