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The management at Eizun advise that as with all products, services and treatments such as ours, we strongly recommend that you do your own research to decide if this is right for you. Please be advised to use the information on this website as part of a healthy, balanced diet with regular exercise. We at Eizun do whole heartedly believe in our products, services and treatments; we know that they can be ( and have been ) beneficial in many ways, as we have plenty of people who will agree. However there is no such thing as a miracle cure and so should not be treated as such, also they are not intended to be a replacement for prescribed medicine. We advise that you consult your doctor or health physician in the first instance if you are unsure, especially when suffering from any health problems or if you are pregnant or breast feeding.

We would like you to be aware that our products, services and treatments are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.
Furthermore, the management at Eizun will not be responsible in case of any injury or false, misleading information or statement is made by the service user during any kind of interaction with Eizun or this website.

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