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About Us


Welcome to our holistic wellbeing salon and apothecary, where we bring you treatments and products that are natural and as much as possible organic and ethically produced.

We aim to bring a balance to your inner and outer wellbeing and beauty.

Our philosophy is to nurture the individual and promote a wellbeing which leads to Balance, Harmony and Calmness within.

Eizun is the ancient meaning for ‘balance’ … to your inner and outer wellbeing and beauty.  

We encourage Respect and Integrity for each other and our surroundings.

We can create a sustainable lifestyle that not only enhances ourselves but also our future generations.

We endeavour to reflect this philosophy in our products and treatments.

The majority of our treatments and products are based on the principles of Ayurveda, which means ‘knowledge of life’.

Ayurveda is a medical science of ancient India, it deals with matters relating to health, day to day life and longevity.

At Eizun, we aim to bring Ayurveda into a practical means of application into today’s modern world.

In our treatments and products we combine the essence of ayurvedic products with essential oils and the goodness of aromatherapy.

We hope you   E N J O Y   your   E I Z U N   experience !

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