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The Ultimate Detox Service Package. Save £85.00

£285.00 £200.00



This package includes:

4 x 1 hour Detox Massages (This includes skin brushing, honey washing and detox mask on the body)
1 x Super Detox Box (A full month of powerful detox for your body)

Eizun’s Super Detox Box, which includes everything your body requires for a full month of Super Detox
The recommended usage of the Detox Massage is 1 treatment per week whilst using the Super Detox Box

The combination of this equals super powerful detox for your body and with a sensible diet you will feel absolutely amazing.
See the powerful results of the Super Detox Box by clicking here Detox Power

Note: When this package is bought, you will be required to call or Email Eizun to book your massage service in.
The time limit to start  the treatment is within 3 months of purchasing your package.

You save £85.00 with this package!


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