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Spinal Re-Alignment Gift




Often likened to a sports massage, but goes deeper with sustained improvement to wellbeing,  addressing the root cause and not just the symptoms.

For acute and chronic problems, where the client has suffered injuries from sports, heavy training, accidents, bad posture or extreme build up of stress and tension, these are just some of the common examples of previous clients who have benefited from this therapy.

We often treat people with the after effects of slipped disk, IBT injuries, sciatica.

Very good for tightness in the back and tension due to stress and accumulation of sore muscles.
Works on releasing muscles and allowing the spine to be free from discomfort in order to function happily again.

Allowing movement in the pelvic so reducing tension caused by lower back problems.   This can be a very deep and powerful treatment, often dealing with long term issues that have ended up causing problems in other areas of the body.


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