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Reiki Healing – Gift




Can be extremely good for balancing the energy centres of the body, and providing a sense of ‘groundedness’ and upliftment.

A wonderful treatment to have for a quick restoration from our busy lives and accumulated stress.

A very gentle treatment but the results can be deep and long lasting
When you just can’t seem to make sense of anything anymore, Reiki has proved to have amazing results.

A very gentle treatment but the results can be deep and long lasting.

Reiki is a very useful tool when dealing with stress due to physical and emotional traumas and needing a sense of balance again.

It can profoundly restore the energy balance that can cause imbalance.

Reiki is performed either sitting down or lying down with clothes on, and usually very gentle or no touching of the body, as it is a treatment where healing energy is given through the hands of the therapist, giving a sense of calmness to the recipient.

You can expect to leave the session feeling very ‘ Chilled Out ‘ indeed.


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